Neil Park II in Columbus, Ohio, circa 1915.

Neil Park, in Columbus, Ohio one of the earliest concrete-and-steel grandstands to be built in the nation, . Note the three flagpoles (without flags, indicating that this may have been taken during spring training) and the player benches. There were never dugouts per se at Neil Park, and there was never a baseball game radio broadcast from this park. Its original capacity was in the neighborhood of 4,500 in 1905 but a new grandstand section was built in 1910 which would have added roughly two thousand more people. The American Association Columbus Senators played here through 1930 at which time the team became the Columbus Red Birds who used this venue as their through June 2, 1932. The Franklin Brewing Company brewed beer just north of this site. Columbus Senator outfielder Bill Hinchman was the only player during the deadball era to hit a ball over the 25′ wall in left-center field and out of the park, with the ball landing on the roof of one of the brewery buildings. In 1914 Hinchman led the American Association in batting (.366), runs (139), hits (227), doubles (57) and triples (21). This park was torn down in 1937 and is now a parking lot owned in part by the Kroger Baking Company and Ross Laboratories.

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