Spring 2007: Neil Park II

by Rex Hamann

Finally Done!

Yesterday was wrap up day, getting the Almanac assembled (killed my arm stapling, will try a new technique next time), all 14 sheets, my biggest issue ever. Folding was fun too, as I had to make the initial crease, then run my thumb hard down the “spine” and use a rolling pin to “iron in” the crease. Then had to edit the mailing list, sort out the ones whose subscription had lapsed (as they require a note), run the notes, write 35 separate notes, add the return mail address to the envelope, stick on the label and the postage stamp, stick the copy into it and then seal it shut. My tongue would probably have run out of saliva had it not been for the copious quantity of bock beer I happened to have on hand. This morning the postal carrier came and took them all away, so tonight it’s celebration time with a six-pack of Point Cascade Pale Ale.

Here is a description of this Spring’s Almanac:

The Spring 2007 edition of the American Association Almanac covers the topic of Neil Park II in Columbus, Ohio from its inception to its demolition. This is a detailed chronological accounting of the history of the park, and provides a focus on the important games played there, for example, the first and last American Association games. There are also several images of both the interior and exterior of the park. An architectural rendering of the “proposed grandstand” is included. Also includes a look at the opening homestand attendance figures from 1905-07 (1905 was the first year the club used the park). Finally, a necrology section describes the baseball lives of 15 former American Association players who have gone with the great majority; includes their American Association batting/pitching line. This issue represents my finest work to date. Over 27,000 words, 54 pages in booklet format with color cover/back cover. Available from Rex Hamann, email address: pureout@msn.com for $8.00 post paid, $6.00 for subscribers.

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