Gary Fink’s Report on 1907 Shut Out Games

Gary Fink has just completed a summary of the 81 American Association shutouts in 1907. Previously, the number of A.A. shutouts had been 75. Gary has been a prolific contributor to the annals of American Association statistics, especially in the case of missing data bases. Here is Gary’s summary of the data file for his work on the American Association’s 81 shutout games for 1907.

1907 American Association Shut Outs

1. There 81 Shut Outs pitched in the American Association in 1907.
2. Two Columbus pitchers, Anthony “Chick” Robitaille and George “Jerry” Upp led the league with 6 ShO pitched.
3. Columbus, as a team had the most ShO pitched with 18.
4. Kansas City, as a team had the least ShO pitched with 4.
5. There were 14 games pitched with the score 1 to 0.
6. K.C. & Lou. pitcher Walter Frantz pitched 3 ShO and all of them were by the score of 1 to 0.
7. St. P. pitcher George Farris, K.C. pitcher Walter Frantz, and Toledo pitcher John Sutthoff each pitched a ShO where they gave up only 1 hit.
8. Columbus pitcher Anthony Robitaille pitched one ShO each month during the season (April through September).
9. Toledo pitcher William Lattimore pitched 4 ShO and all of them were pitched in August.
10. Toledo pitcher William Lattimore pitched the most innings for a ShO with 14.
11. Columbus pitchers pitched 3 straight ShO vs Indianapolis on June 24, 25, & 26.
12. On the flip side, K.C. pitcher, Oscar Kinlock “Ducky” Swann lost 6 games by a ShO.
13. Louisville was ShO the most times with 13.
14. Toledo was ShO the least times with 7.

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