Problems Reconstructing the Millers’ 1910 Season

Last night I was going insane trying to figure out why I wasn’t coming up with 168 games played by the Millers as I was working on the statistical reconstruction of the Millers’ 1910 season. So I wrote Gary Fink and tried to explain. Here is his reply:

I see in Wright’s book on the Am. Assn. he has the 1910 Minneapolis team with 107 wins and 61 loses (168 games). In the team batting section he lists Minneapolis with 167 games played.
There does not seem to be any Ties that year but there could be a Forfeited games that would count in the w / l column but not in the games played.
Most likely you did not count one victory for Minneapolis. I suggest you go through the Milwaukee games first as there were no tie games so they should of played only 24 games.
I also think that they could of just not counted the wins and losses correctly, I have found a lot of errors in the totals for the teams and the players in the Am. Assn. for 1907.
In the Am. Assn. news in the “SL” after the season was over, they said there was 75 Shut Out games pitched in 1907. I found 81 Shut Out games. I went through all the boxscores again today to confirm that.

Gary Fink

Thanks, Gary. You are really on the ball, as they say.

I believe I have now isolated the problem. Minneapolis played 24 games with six of their seven opponents. They played 23 games against Milwaukee. Likely there was a forfeiture there. I’ll be exploring this further when I go to Wilson Library next week. In the mean time I’m going to be “crunching the numbers” of my 1910 Millers’ season data file. Let the fun begin!


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