That’s the Way I Saw It…

By Denver Howard

They use a lot of balls now.

As you visit the umpires at Wizards Stadium [aka Memorial Stadium, Fort Wayne, Indiana] you see them rubbing up four dozen baseballs for the game. As Major League players throw balls into the stands, baseball today uses a lot of balls. I guess they can afford it.

An interesting story in Rex Hamann‘s American Association Almanac for Spring 2007 tells about a game April 11, 1912 in Columbus, Ohio that was played using only one ball for the entire game. This is said to be a record for a professional baseball game as not a single foul went into the stand or out of the lot.

We always received one dozen balls, back in the ’50’s, for each minor league game. In 1955 Fulton, Kentucky called a game because they ran out of baseballs. Many minor league teams were on a strict budget. If a ball was hit into the stands a kid could take it to the concession stand and receive a candy bar.

Baseball has really changed.

Denver Howard
PO Box 171
Andrews, IN 46702

Note: Mr. Howard is a former long-time minor league umpire who subscribes to the American Association Almanac.

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