Reilley Robs Barbeau at Association Park!

From the Indianapolis Star:

Jap Barbeau got no joy out of the victory for Duke Reilley robbed him of another $50 piece of change this afternoon. Barbeau aimed one at the bull in the eighth and it started all right, but Reilley got in the way of it and made a putout. This is the second time Reilley has turned the trick against Barbeau this year on the Kansas City grounds, and it may be said there is no love on Jap’s side.

MAY 18, 1913

Note: It is interesting to note this event in American Association history for a few reasons. Both Jap Barbeau and Alexander “Duke” Reilley were two of the most diminutive players in the league at that time. Also, the fact that the Bull Durham Tobacco “bull” sign was a marketing gimmick which added excitement to the games, from both a defensive aspect as well as an offensive one…Association Park in Kansas City had a very deep center field; Reilley was playing right field at the time; Barbeau was a right-handed hitter, so his drive was an opposite field poke. This dual factoid is also relevant here: Barbeau’s grave is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where he died; it is marked by a modest headstone. Reilley is buried in Indianapolis, Indiana where he died; he lies in an unmarked grave. One final blurb: Both Reilley and Barbeau are among elite American Association company, belonging to the 42 select players who had 10 or more seasons of American Association experience. Funny what you can find out when you just start searching!

By the way, Kansas City defeated the Indianapolis Indians in the game that Saturday by a score of 5-1.


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