Summer 2007 Almanac Nearly Complete

The Summer 2007 issue of the American Association Almanac is in the middle of being produced and is just about done. Content came to 31,000 words on the topic of the 1910-11 Minneapolis Millers with a focus on the offense. Had originally planned to include 1912 in this issue, but ran out of room and so will cover that year in the Fall issue. The Millers won the American Association pennant three straight years, so the purpose of this work is to highlight/chronicle their accomplishment. In the Fall I will also cover the pitching and defense. Had to skip the Necrology section this time around because I just plain ran out of room. One new feature of this issue is the centerfold which is printing as of right now. I wanted to consolidate the photographs onto one sheet instead of putting them on different pages, as I have six color photos digitally colorized by Matt Fulling who does such stupendous work. Because of the slowness of my inkjet printer, doing different pages on the inkjet just isn’t feasible. So until I have a color laser printer I’m going to either skip the color or just use color on one sheet plus the cover. If I can get a photo up here I will, but I haven’t had luck with posting photos in the past. If you have not yet subscribed to the American Association Almanac I hope you will consider doing so. This issue sells for $8.00 including postage which costs me $1.00, for a net cost of $7.00. Subscribers pay $6.00 per issue, or $18.00 per year, or you can save by going with the two-year plan at $32.00 per year. Plenty of solid, entertaining baseball history writing in this issue, which is by far my best work to date.

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