Fall Almanac Proceeding Apace

Wish I’d been doing a better job keeping current with the blog here, but life intervenes.

On the front burner is work on the American Association Almanac for Fall 2007. It’s another big issue, will wind up at least 31,000 after the death notices are added. There are multiple topics, all dealing with the 1910-12 Minneapolis Millers. I didn’t have room to include 1912 in the Summer issue so the Fall issue starts off with the 1912 team and its offensive characteristics. The pitching of the 1910-12 Millers will occupy the remainder of the issue. For the 1910 team I include a comparison with the league’s top pitching team, the Toledo Mud Hens. While I don’t expect another issue of the Almanac to surpass the Summer issue in overall quality, this will be a very solid issue, maybe a bit heavy on the statistical angles. Either way, it will fill a nice of baseball history that will hopefully lead to further inquiry. Baseball during the deadball era was an especially fascinating subject of American culture that had a host of fascinating aspects.

A few of the starting pitchers that are examined in this issue include “Long Tom” Hughes, Nick Altrock, Roy Patterson and the Big Finn, Lou Fiene, all of whom contributed to the 1910 Miller team. The legendary Chicagoan Hughes led the league in wins (31), winning pct. (.721) and bases on balls (129) and strikeouts (222).

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  1. Ripley’s Believe it or Not says Nick Altrock won a game for the Chicago White Socks without ever throwing a pitch. Top of the ninth, score tied, two outs, runner on first. Altrock was put in as a relief pitcher. He picked the runner off at first. Never threw a pitch. Inning over. Home team comes to bat in the botton of the ninth and scores and wins the game. Altrock the winning pitcher. Did this happen? Thanks.

    • Did you find out the story about Nick Altrock? Thanks.

  2. I’ve heard this is ture but I’ve never read anything about it, have no idea when this may have taken place. As I concern myself principally with the events of the American Association, I suggest you contact a SABR member (www.SABR.org) to find out more about this unusual event. Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you will leave more comments in the future.

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